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Old 06-05-2007, 03:16 AM   #7
Default Re: Leaf blower and vaccuum on top of roof

Art wrote:
> MiamiCuse wrote:
>> Hi:
>> I need some advise as to the lightest leaf vaccuum that I can use in
>> the following situation.
>> I have a courtyard style home - the house itself wraps around a
>> central courtyard with a pool in the middle. There are a few large
>> trees on the outside and their leaves will fall on to the roof and
>> into the pool, so an overhead screen enclosure was erected to keep
>> leaves and insects out. Here are two pics and it's easier to see than
>> describe:
>> http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w...r/P1000994.jpg
>> http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w...r/P1000991.jpg
>> As you can see, there is a valley or built-in gutter around the entire
>> perimeter which now traps the leaves, there are also leaves on the
>> lowest part of the screen.
>> The challenge is how to clean the leaves out.
>> I cannot use a blower since there is no where to blow, would end up
>> landing on another part of the gutter or screen anyways. I cannot
>> clean the gutter from below on a ladder because the screen is in the
>> way. So I need to get a leaf vaccuum.
>> I noticed that are four kind - electric corded, electric rechargeable,
>> backpack and gas. My concerns is basically I am little afraid of
>> height, walking on that roof is ok, but I am concerned about walking
>> on that roof with a 15 pound blower that may cause me to lose balance
>> when changing directions, or if I have to lean over to get the leave
>> on the low side of the screen. So I need the lightest possible blower
>> that would work as a vaccuum for leaves, but in researching the matter
>> everyone seems to think gas blower is the only way to go. Also, the
>> courtyard is about 50 feet by 45 feet so if I use an electric one I
>> need a very long cord I would think.
>> Any suggestions on what brand/model blower/vaccuum I need? or if you
>> have another idea to do the job without the risk I rather not have to
>> do it, hiring someone to do it is a posssibility but the normal lawn
>> people will hesitate to go up to the roof as they don't carry
>> insurance if they fall for any reason is my problem again.
>> Thank you for your time.
>> MC

> It is very rare for anyone to be satisfied with the performance of any
> of the handheld leaf vacs. They just don't create enough vacuum to pick
> up much.
> I don't have a solution to your problem except my advice to look at
> something other than a handheld vac. Sorry...

I looked at a Stihl leaf sucker/shredder a couple of weeks ago that was
kind of interesting. It was on sale at the local fix-it shop for $279.
(I let it go cuz I'm a cheapskate)

You also could wait for a very windy day to blow the leaves. :-) A long
hose -- at least 3/8" -- from an air compressor on the ground would
handle that.

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Bill Rose
Default Re: Leaf blower and vaccuum on top of roof

In article <1180376391_18355@sp6iad.superfeed.net>,
"bent" <bent@rogers.com> wrote:

> Maybe a combination or suck/blow/water blast.

beecrofter <bam...@localnet.com> wrote:
> Take a male flower and break it off and use it as the brush to bring
>some pollen to the female flowers

I think I'm starting to see Frag's problem.

- Bill
Coloribus gustibus non disputatum (mostly)
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Nice information which you share with us!!
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Vacuum cleaning is the best way to clean every type of roof and other house places, There are many other ways of cleaning but vaccum cleaning is better than all, There are many companies available which provide that services as professionally.
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