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A lease binds a Person to his landlord implying that a break in the lease is tantamount to a breach of contract. Many companies with a good number of operating leases will appear to be high leveraged and some financial institutions may have liquidity concerns when looking at the balance sheet for companies that do quite a bit of leasing.
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You are right that the language used in this clause is very complicated and after several readings of this clause I have no idea what they wanted to say.But now as you have put your signature on it , so you have to make it complete. But I suggest you should consult some attorney to have clear explanation of it.
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Written notice must be provided to the landlord along with a copy of the service member’s orders. Generally, a monthly lease will terminate 30 days after the first date on which the next payment is owned, after notice is delivered (i.e. notice given 10 August, next payment due 1 September, lease terminated 1 October – 30 days after 1 September).
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Gladwin Elton
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Including the proper commercial real estate lease clauses in your commercial real estate lease agreement will help protect you and your tenants, which is always good business.
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