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Default Interested in Gardening?


I've recently gone into gardening and looking for someone who'd like to share more knowledge on gardening basics. I recently came upon some tips on the basics of gardening but need more inputs from someone who shares hands-on experience.

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Watering is one of the important think of Gardening -

1. Water is vital for plants growth. Plants absorb water through their roots and release it into the atmosphere through their leaves.
2. Tapping a side of a clay pot is one way to judge if compost inside is dry. A ringing note indicates that it needs water and a dull note indicates that no water is needed.
3. Wilting of plant indicates too much and too little water. Plants seldom recover when water is not given. Healthy leaves and stem indicates sufficient water.
4. To save an excessively watered plant, remove the soil ball from pot, keeping the plant inside, use an absorbent kitchen towel to soak up excess water, leave the soil ball until it dries a bit and pot up the plant into fresh compost and a clean pot.
5. Lightly misting leaves with clean water aids plant recovery. Do not mist plants with hairy and soft leaves as it leaves unsightly marks.
6. Dry and brittle leaf edges, brown edges on yellow and wilting leaves, old leaves falling of, flowers that fade quickly etc indicate that compost is too dry.
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sweet juicy
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i am interested in gardening too!
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I like your post about interested in gardening. Every one can share their thoughts about it. All of you have a great knowledge about it. According to me i think that If your child continues to be interested, give your child a very small 2 by 2 foot plot for his or her garden.
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Well, not much into gardening but for the past year or so I'm doing my best to preserve the garden made by my mother.
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I'm also interested in gardening because its my favorite hobby, I have a small garden in my house i visited it two times a day for getting fresh air and oxygen, the Gardens are an important need of every society because its provide fresh air and fresh oxygen which is important for living and health.What you say about it?
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