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Old 06-04-2007, 07:35 PM   #13
Default Re: Transfer Swithes

"Sparks" <this.is@real.com> wrote in message news:3f74a348_4@
> Hi,
> I am looking for a source in the UK to purchase a transfer switch
> The requirements are, 100A feed from the grid, and 30A feed from the
> generator
> The only one I can seem to find is the Briggs & Stratton "BST9200M" seen
> here http://www.toolsnextday.ltd.uk/Gener...generators.htm
> This unit is a whopping £210.00 - this seems a tad expensive for a switch!
> I don't need one with a RCD, as I will have it wired before my consumer

> which already has two!
> Any recommendations would be much appreciated!
> Sparks...

Don't know how much good this information will do you, but the Home
Depot in US www.homedepot.com has three different transfer panels, the
cheapest is about $130 US. Do a search on "transfer switch" from their home
page. I actually have the middle-priced unit installed in my home and have
no complaints. The two similar-looking switched allow you to switch
circuits individually between the mains and the generator, and give you an
approximate reading of the power output of the generator. The other panel
is intended to be fed from a single large breaker on your main panel and
then allows you to feed several circuits as a subpanel. None of these
panels is intended to supply power to your whole house.


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mark Ransley
Default Re: Transfer Swithes

The Generac is made by Generac, B&S by Cutler Hammer, Generac is cheaper
although they are both similar.

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Old 06-04-2007, 07:35 PM   #15
mark Ransley
Default Re: Transfer Swithes

The Generac is made by Generac, B&S by Cutler Hammer, Generac is cheaper
although they are both similar.

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Default michael ko

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Default new balanc

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Default gucci mane

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