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Default Students tired

They say students
committed to repaying the point of error, but unfortunately did not kneel backward.
hope will no longer tired, it is not we return to school.
students, teachers mind most clearly. Tired students and teachers to punch back.
shift costs
anti-vice president of campus police force, a stable Hong dream can not sleep.
burger fries fried chicken legs, homesick think tears.
mix of men and women was not tired, the teacher chosen to match blind.
mental and physical exhaustion are haggard, we have not exam preparation.
bedroom like a cold freezer, all cover a large quilt.
run operating twisted legs today, tomorrow rice flawed the stomach.
something all right, only to Hekou pure water.
Lakers Bulls Rockets, thinking about the small neighborhood Liang Mei.
not only early but also late, eating breakfast may line up.
same-sex repulsion love pk, opposites attract no chance.
tired, but also struggling to hundreds of generations.
bitter not bitter
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Your are right ...!
You said "Students are committed to repaying the point of error, but unfortunately did not kneel backwords"

how to get rid of this situation?
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Default Red Bottom

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Default VBYb74200J

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Default ????

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