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Jasper Gallagher
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Remember to brainstorm/planify/draft on papers, not always in front of the pc this helps you organize your workflow better.
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Default celine han

Fiction K alleged baby even unbearable than Shanghai
Even the new century, the British writer living in Hong Ying is still tangled with the lawsuit. Hunger's Daughter a woman and two married dispute yet, and recently its publication in the Mainland another forthcoming novel K has been Chen Ying (famous writer Han Ling Shuhua and renowned linguist original 1930s Wuhan University College of Liberal Arts President Chen Yuan's daughter) accused its content innuendo shuhua extramarital affairs and obscene speech, claiming recourse to the law also requires the relevant units banned book was published Chen Ying said recently watched from Taiwan Ya Publishing House K After surprise, that although the hero, schedule and forest are using a pseudonym, but the book's descriptions of the time, place, people seen, schedule clearly referent is Chen Yuan, and the forest is alluding Chen's wife, a famous Chinese writer Ling Shuhua. Not only that, Chen Ying also said angrily, she felt the book obscene content, full papers are all sexual intercourse, masturbation description, than has been banned Shanghai Baby even unbearable, her mother is portrayed in the book slut, his father was impotent. As the only two offspring of such wanton slander her so angry she was even more sad is that Hong Ying's husband is currently teaching at the University of London School of Oriental and African Wen Zhao Yiheng worked with her husband, co-workers, as well as her son's teacher and was a guest at the home, but Zhao in the K not only did not inform the book before publication, the book also quibble not give. The November 2, 2000, Zhao Yiheng more in the Southern Weekend published Julian and Ling Shuhua, a text, and Chen Yuan and Ling Shuhua published photographs, in addition to promoting Hong Ying's novel K, is also tantamount to indirectly explain K is a book written by Ling Shuhua and Julian Bell affair. Chen Ying said that Hong Ying's approach is its honorary parents defamation, which require units immediately prohibit this ****ographic book published in mainland China. Otherwise, she will resort to the law, and demanded compensation 5 evening, the reporter interviewed on the matter Hong Ying, Hong Ying in laughing after that his own position: This matter has been surprising, the book has been published in Taiwan 3 years, there are several versions of European languages ??in the release. Previously, Chen Ying had said many hard words, but to see her true reports, the reason is very simple, libel detractors I must be prosecuted, otherwise why prove their absence? Second, Chen Ying said alluding to his father 'impotence', his mother as 'sluts' remark unfounded. 'K' is this character I created, the character models are not shuhua and can only say that some experience and some Ling similar accusations Zhao Yiheng immoral as it is ridiculous, I wrote the novel, who sent them off for me to decide when.
But Hong Ying admits novel K in the traces of history, but she considers all the historical background of the novel were able to escape suspicion of innuendo: K just a little shadow fiction historical figures should not be mistaken for to explain the facts of history, not to mention the famous ancient and modern writing novels, biographies and more, there are also related to the dark side, but did not see later people have come to condemnation. relationship writer Hong Ying finally said the fundamental rights of the matter, if the requirements of Chen Ying The precedent is banned, also how to write historical novels in the future?
However, the reporter learned never interested parties, intends to publish the book in Lijiang Publishing House, there may therefore be suspended publication of this book. (Tianfuzaobao)
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Default Mulberry B

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Default Ray Ban Wa

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Default Celine Bag

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Default Ray Ban Wa

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