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Default Home Office Suggestions for Real Estate

My dad is looking to transition from his work office to a home based office. At his age, I would really like to see him spending more time at home, and less at the office, so this would be perfect. As the one in charge of the technology and the setup, I want to make sure I can provide as much of everything a real office would. He will rely heavy on faxing, scanning, printing, and maybe some photos of listings. As of now I am thinking a two computer setup would be appropriate considering my mom might eventually start selling again. I have a fax machine and a couple laser printers, but I was hoping to get some suggestions for some must haves for the home office. I want to make it as efficient for him considering he is pushing that age where most people should start considering retirement or at least easing their work schedule. So if you have any neat hardware, software, or home office solutions please let me know! thanks.

What I have:
2 Windows desktops
1 all in one fax, print, scanner
2 laser printers
1 comfy chair
Microsoft Office
1 digital camera
1 wireless router

What I am considering getting:
OCR software
external HD for backups
Flyer publishing software
Photo management software
Mobile broadband for laptop
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I'm kind of puzzled by this question. How long has your father been involved in real estate? How comfortable is he with computers? I mean, yeah, the bare minimum he'd need would be MS Office and a fax machine, but personally I can't see someone doing business as a Realtor without a laptop and Blackberry and portable printer.

If this is a "my father's a seasoned pro" question, ask him what he needs to do business and provide him with it.

If this is a "my father's new to real estate sales and doesn't know what he's needs" question, uh, well, I could offer more detail (the first of which being he's not really going to be "spending more time at home" by working in real estate).
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I'm not sure about your area, but some of our best realtors here rely on nothing but a cell phone and generic MLS access. They are mainly sales people, and the best ones just schmooze all the time. Even their assistants don't have laptops and BBs. But it could be different where you are.

To answer the question I'd say a laptop and high speed internet and an all in one device would just about do it. Maybe the BB or Windows Mobile device to keep him up to date when on the road, especially if he can access MLS data on it.
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There are so many point that must be considered in the mind about home based office for real estate . points are as below

Fully carpeted Room
Full Furnish
Printer must be there.

Guys---------- hope that the solution
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Well, many buyers want houses equipped with home offices that deliver a proper working environment.
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You already have everything your dad needs. In real estate, you just need a good Internet connection and some quiet environment. Everything depends on how your dad works. I personally just have those two and works fine for me
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