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Default freezer cleaning

i've got a freezer that has a bad odor and wondering how to get it
out.heres my email address. SMALL-GEORGE@WEBTV.NET i do appricate it.

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Default Re: freezer cleaning

"CURIOUS GEORGE" <small-george@webtv.net> wrote in message
> i've got a freezer that has a bad odor and wondering how to get it
> out.heres my email address. SMALL-GEORGE@WEBTV.NET i do appricate it.

Try washing it out with a solution of water and baking soda, then place a
couple of boxes of open baking soda in the freezer for a few days. Baking
soda is very helpful at absorbing freezer/refrigerator odors. If it is a
*very* bad odor (such as caused by food spoilage or a freezer that has been
unplugged and closed for a long time), also try placing several pans filled
with a layer of charcoal briquettes in the freezer -- but be sure they are
plain charcoal briquettes and not the type that are permeated with fluid for
"easy" lighting.


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Defrost. Unplug it, remove any baskets, racks and removable parts. Keep the top lid open and allow the appliance to come to room temperature. If there is ice buildup on the inside walls, allow to melt naturally. Youíll have water on the bottom once itís melted. Remove that first before cleaning.
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Thanks very very useful.It is a very useful article.
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