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Default Re: deck ledger flashing to vertical siding

Mike wrote:
> Looking for some help with proper flashing of a deck ledger board.
> Siding construction consists of vertical smooth panels mounted directly
> to wall studs with no intermediate sheathing. I have found several good
> examples of flashing techniques that involve siding-over-sheathing
> construction, but none that demonstrate how to properly attach and
> flash the ledger board over the single layer vertical panels.
> I could adapt a solution from the several very good diagrams I have
> seen, but as this is a replacement project that was made necessary due
> to wet and rotted rim joist behind the old ledger board, which was
> mounted to the rim joist through the siding with no flashing. I am
> nervous about getting it right and would appreciate any helpful ideas
> that anyone might be willing to share.
> Thanks for any help you can provide.
> Mike

I guess you have to pry the siding out and slip the flashing up under
the siding. Go as high as is practical, since any buildup of water would
get right into the wall cavity. Maybe a nice 12 inch piece of copper 9
1/2 inches up the studs, over the ledger and down an inch. One piece, no
seams. don't nail the siding in the bottom 6 inches.
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